Friends & Fans

The following are photos sent to us from friends and fans. If you have a photo to submit, please send it to

with Tim Vassa (former bassist/vocalist from KineticBlu)

"Four Songs" now available on iTunes,
Amazon and

with Tyler Grady of American Idol backstage at the 2010 Lehigh Valley Music Awards

with Christine Bainbridge of She Said Sunday backstage
at the 2010 Lehigh Valley Music Awards

with Sid Bernstein (the man who brought The Beatles to the United States) after the 2010 LV Music Awards

with Lyn Carey of Media Five Entertainment

with Eric Violette "Free
Credit Report Guy" after playing a show with his
band God Against God

submitted by Gloria Domina, organizer of Lehigh Valley Music Awards

with Jaciel Cordoba and Josh Klein after performance on WFMZ-69

with Media Five Entertainment President David Sestak

submitted by Jen,
Riverfusion Show 2008

submitted by Danielle,
Spring 2009

submitted by Amy

submitted by Amy

with William,
my dad's Rottweiler

submitted by Kelly

submitted by Pat

submitted by Arcadea

submitted by Dominick

submitted by My Than

with Island Records recording artist Laura Warshauer after Riverfusion Show in May 2008

submitted by Tina with Coors Light Girls, Winter 2010

submitted by Tina with Coors Light Girls, Winter 2010

submitted by Hetal

submitted by Hetal
submitted by Joseph,
North East Performing
Arts Festival

with Maggie and 2010 U.S. Congressional Candidate (Pennsylvania's 15th District) Jake Towne

submitted by Laura

submitted by Austin

submitted by Christine

submitted by Diane, Old Brewery Tavern, June 2010

2010 Lehigh Valley Music Awards with Tara Crowe,
photo by Martin Klobosits Jr





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