Jordan White Booking FAQ - last updated 8/15
1. How early should we book?
It's best to book and secure the date as soon as possible, especially if you're interested in a Friday or Saturday night.  Some Friday and Saturday night performances are scheduled months or even a year in advance.  For other days of the week, it depends.  Simply contact us and let us know what date you're interested in and you'll receive a prompt reply.  You may e-mail - or if you prefer you can contact us on Facebook at the official page:
2. Are your rates fair and are they negotiable?
Yes.  The main factors that influence rates are: 1) Distance to the venue 2) The type of performance you desire 3) The length of time you'd like the performance to last and 4) If a sound system and/or sound person is already on site, hired by you.  If we are bringing equipment 200 miles away for a 3 hour performance we'll likely ask for a higher fee than for a 60 minute event closer where a house sound system is provided.  We take all events seriously and attend to each in a professional manner.  We will work with your budget.
3. Does he play solo or with a band?
Jordan White can perform solo acoustically and/or with a piano, or as a duo with an additional lead electric guitarist, or as a full band (3-4 members). 
4. When is the balance due and how do I pay?
The balance should be settled on the day or night of the event: before or after the performance in the form of cash or check.  Personal checks are accepted.
5. Is a contract required to secure a date?
In most cases, NO, unless the performance requires 1) Artist to travel and arrange hotel accommodations, and/or 2) Is a large hard-sale ticketed event.  You may create a contract if you wish for additional assurance Artist will perform, however, if Artist is scheduled, he will be there!
5. Do you charge for the set up or tear down time?
No, everything is included.

6. How much time is required to set up?
It depends on the size of the venue.  Artist and his personnel have three different sound systems intended for use dependent on size.  In general, the larger the venue, the more time it can take.  For smaller venues, it can take as little as 20 minutes to be setup with the smaller sized sound equipment.  For larger venues, it can take more than an hour, with additional time needed for Artist and/or Artist's management and sound personnel to familiarize themselves with the physical aspects of the venue and sound acoustics.  Artist and/or Artist's employed personnel will of course arrive early enough in these situations to setup and be able to perform at your scheduled time.

7.  Will the music be at reasonable volume level?

The volume level is YOUR decision of course.  Just let us know.  If we are not previously instructed on a volume level by you, we will do our best to put it where we think it should be.  A tip: at a venue such as a bar or restaurant, sometimes it is not a good idea to seat customers too close in proximity to the performance area.  This can lead to customer complaints, especially at larger venues, because the volume needs to be turned up in order for the customers/audience in the very back to hear.  We have witnessed customers seated near the performance area/stage complain that the music was too loud, the volume was immediately lowered, and then customers in the back complained it was too low.  We will play as loud or as soft as you desire, but please keep in mind it is often difficult to make everyone happy but we do our best.  We will attempt to inquire with you or your employee(s) regarding the volume level and adjust it accordingly to their suggestions.

8. What kind of equipment do you use?

Artist's equipment and instrumentation is top of the line, up to date, is used regularly and is well maintained.  Artist performs with one of several Martin or Gibson acoustic/electric guitars, harmonicas, and uses the industry standard vocal microphones (Shure SM58 Beta) and uses Behringer, Yamaha, JBL, Peavey and other similar amplifiers and speakers.  Artist can perform with a full-size 88 key portable upright Yamaha keyboard, or a smaller Casio keyboard/synthesizer/workstation if requested.  Artist also brings back up equipment in the  unlikely occurrence of any issues with primary.
9. What about lighting?
Artist has a variety of setups ranging from floor lighting for smaller venues to 8-foot tall lighting racks.  In general, lighting for outdoor performances during daylight hours is not needed (nor seen by the audience) unless performing on a large, deep stage.  For indoor performances lighting helps give the show an extra kick by making the experience more visual.  Please inform Artist in advance if you desire lighting that goes beyond the traditional multi-colored floor setup.  The lighting system is usually pre-programmed to change colors with the beat of the music (from a slow fade to abrupt change) or can be static (one color) or even change independent of sound.  If you have a specific preference just let us know!

10. Why hire a musician when I can just hire a DJ?
Well, DJ's have their time and place for events, but when you hire an actual musician, it's about seeing, not just hearing.  Usually when people talk about attending a concert they say "I went to SEE a band" - not "I went to HEAR a band."  That's the main reason.  People respond to the visual aspects of the sound occurring live in front of them, even as stripped down as one voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar.  Live music, if it's good, often keeps customers in your venue/establishment longer and thus they spend more money.  They request songs, they may dance, they listen and can be interested Artist's interpretation of a cover song they had heard for years but not in this way!

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